Guess Who’s Back Again?

Commitment.  Big commitment.  There’s no turning back now.  After all, choosing a wallpaper is such a permanent decision in the interior decorating process that you may or may not love five years down the road.  Am I describing your thoughts about wallpaper or a wall covering?  From experience with my own clients, this is occasionally a concern. Luckily for me and for them, once they understand the process and the selection of beautiful and unique wall coverings on the market and how it ties in with their overall design plan, they usually take a leap of faith!  And truth be told, I have not had a single client who regretted it.


Let’s talk about the selection process.  I like to layer textures and patterns when designing a space for a client and in my opinion, wallpaper and fabric go hand in hand.  Since there are so many options, the selection of both can take some time.  The good news is that like fabric, wallpaper can run from low to high end, making it affordable for anyone looking to get more bang for their buck.  It also adds an element of style! For example, you could add in a focal point such as a fantastic, bold geometric pattern or a great Chinoiserie wallpaper.  Wallpaper patterns have come a long way!  We aren’t talking about your grandmother’s dining room wallpaper when you were growing up or the toile craze of the late 1990s and early 2000s!

Although I am a huge fan of wallpaper, I have to admit that I do think it needs to be used sparingly when decorating a home.  I’m sure we can all agree that we have seen homes where owners have gone overboard! But, certain rooms do need that added punch or unexpected texture that wallpaper has to offer.  My absolute favorite room to wallpaper is the powder room.  This tiny space, which often times has high ceilings, can feel cold or empty, especially if there is no natural light.  Go wild and let your personality shine through with wallpaper.  Don’t be afraid to go with a bright, large-scaled bold pattern in this kind of space.   If a neutral palette is your preference, adding a tonal wallpaper will give a serene feel to a private space.

Another one of my favorite areas to install wallpaper is in a foyer.  Welcoming guests into your home with a fantastic texture based wallpaper sets the tone for the rest of your home décor.  Here is a little decorating side note: foyers are the number one room that homeowners tend to leave out of the decorating process.  I like to treat foyers as one of the smaller, yet more important rooms of a client’s home.  There are a few other areas in which I enjoy using wallpaper such as an accent wall in the living room, the bedroom wall behind a beautiful upholstered headboard, and the  dining room.   For a dining room, I recommend a wallpaper with texture and color.  Oh, I can’t forget grasscloth or wallpaper on the back of bookshelves or a tall cabinet.  Check and check!  And never say never to wallpapering a ceiling!

I have to say, the most popular wall covering I have installed for clients and one of my personal favorites is grasscloth. Grasscloth can have its natural imperfections, just like each of us.  What I love most is its natural, organic feel and that it is a great fit for almost all decorating styles.  There are so many beautiful grasscloths available in rich, deep colors and even patterns.  I also love grasscloths that have a subtle metallic shimmer!  It’s gorgeous, glam with an organic feel…a perfect combination!  A few years ago, I installed a wide tonal stripe grasscloth in a foyer of a client’s home.  It looked stunning and it is completely timeless! I recently had a rich navy blue grasscloth installed on a dining room accent wall for a client.  It is such a sophisticated focal point!  Grasscloth does require a special kind of installation as it is not prepasted like most wallpapers.  The other thing to note is that there will always be visible seams, but in my opinion, it actually adds to the gorgeous character of this type of wallpaper. I want to share with you one of my favorite grasscloth decorating tips, I love covering decorative books with grasscloth!  It is an inexpensive way to add texture and/or a pop of color to your space!

Hopefully, some of you have been convinced to take the plunge and invite wallpaper into your home.  However, if you are the type of homeowner who likes to change things up from time to time or a renter who isn’t allowed to paint the walls, but you want to make the space your own, I have the perfect recommendation for you. Removable wallpaper.  I’m not talking removable like stickers or your child’s life-size Fathead of his favorite baseball player! There are so many great attributes of this type of wallpaper. For starters, they are 100% made in the USA, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly.  It’s repositionable and removable so if you decide you don’t want wallpaper or you want to change it for another pattern or color in the future, it’s as simple as peeling it off your wall with no damage!  One of the best and economical benefits of removable wallpaper is that it is a great DIY project and only requires an exacto knife or razor, straight edge ruler, squeegee and a measuring tape!  Your friends at Piece + Palette happen to carry a fabulous line of gorgeous removable wallpaper that you need to check out!   As always, I am here to help you with questions or measuring to ensure you order the perfect design and amount for your home!