Custom Drapery - Piece + Palette

A Little Bit of Custom Goes a Long Way!

With the launch of our new custom drapery line, I wanted to talk about not only the beauty that comes along with custom drapery, but the other added benefits as well.  While we are selling standard lengths on our website, please keep in mind we can do any custom length for your home as well as custom fabrics in the color you desire.  All you have to do is contact us!  Drapery isn’t one size fits all!  So, here we go…
Why Custom?


~  Ordering custom minimizes the chance of measurement error when you have a workroom through an interior designer.  Yep, this is what we do!

~  Staging the window treatments at installation can make or break the finished product. Your drapery could look sloppy, wrinkled or improperly hung.  We recommend hiring a professional installer.

The custom top finishing (pleating) is more tailored than ready-made thus making the drapery look more  sophisticated.

~  Custom offers unlimited fabric choices to coordinate with the patterns and color palette of your room.

~  Traditionally, ready-made does not give you the “fullness” option. For example, we offer a width or a width and a half of fabric depending on your needs.

Often times, the fabric used for ready-made window treatments is not as high quality as custom drapery.

The Leading Edge Panels - Piece + Palette


I want to touch on two very important things to consider when purchasing new drapes which are often overlooked. It’s scale and proportion.

Scale refers to the size of an object compared to the space it’s in and proportion is all about relationships.  So, how do you determine the proper scale or width of your window treatments?  Well, you must take into account your actual window width and your ceiling height.  For example, having a ceiling height of 10′, we recommend a width and a half of fabric, versus most ready-made window coverings made in single width.  These tend to lack the fullness that would make them scale perfectly!  Our finished widths give you the correct scale for stacking on each side.  So here is what we recommend:

Choose 1 width versus 1.5 widths based on the following:

  1. Ceiling Height
    1.   8’ – one width
    2.   9’ – could select either width based on the Window Size Guidelines below
    3.   10’ ceilings – we recommend 1.5” widths but also go by the Window Size Guidelines
  2. Window Size (width of window)
    1.   48” or less width of window opening we recommend 1 width
    2.   48” or more width of window opening we recommend 1 width and a half

Consider ceiling height and the space for stacking

  1.   1 width stacks about 18” – 24” on each side of the window.
  2.   1 1/2 widths stacks between 25”-30” on each side of the window.
If you have any questions please let me know.  I’m happy to help in any way I can!