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Piece + Palette Virtual Color Consultations

Do you struggle picking out paint colors for your home?  Are you running back and forth to the paint store buying more samples and trying them on your wall in frustration?  You are not alone.  This can be a tricky process and Piece + Palette is here to help.  Our Interior Designer, Lauren Burns, has a talent when it comes to choosing paint colors and we and are excited to share it with you!

Our virtual color consultation is a partnership between us.  We are here to help you choose paint for one room or for the entire house.  We use Benjamin Moore paints because of their fine quality and fabulous selection of colors.   Here is how it works and what we will provide to you:

Approximately 3 phone consultations with our designer, Lauren Burns, of Lauren Burns Interiors.  The first call will be the longest (please allow 20-30 minutes).  This will be set up once we receive photos of your space.  Lauren will speak with you about the type of colors you are interested in (ex. warm, crisp or cool) and ask about any other items you may already have in the room that she needs to work with.  For example, if this is a bedroom, do you already have a comforter or duvet we are trying to coordinate with or any other already purchased items that would drive a color palette for this space?

Once you have spoken to Lauren, you will receive “room boards” with pictures of your existing rooms and our suggested paint colors.  The second call will take place after you have received Lauren’s paint selections for your home and to discuss any changes that may need to be made.  If needed, we can tweak things from there.  The third call will take place once you have tried the colors out on a paint board to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Please remember that it is extremely important that you do not judge the paint selections by their appearance on a computer.  They can sometimes look very different once they are on your walls.  We will have these room boards to you within 5 business days, as long as more information is not needed.  For example, some clients send fabric samples for us to use when making our selections. In those situations, it may take longer.

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