About Us

Piece + Palette is the creation of 3 North Carolina girlfriends with interior design, business and marketing experience who discovered there was a market for selling interiors online coupled with expert advice particularly when it comes to choosing paint colors. In order to simplify the way our customers style their homes, we launched our business and are thrilled to share it with you. We are lucky enough to have our very own interior designer, Lauren Burns of Lauren Burns Interiors, as one of our partners who is the mastermind behind the fabulous creations you see in our Designer Rooms section. While we all have our own unique style, we can agree on 3 principals we live and shop by:

  1. Just because it’s expensive, that doesn’t make it fabulous!
  2. Quality over quantity…always, always, always!
  3. Be unique!  Make your home your sanctuary and a reflection of yourself and what you and your family love.

Thanks for shopping at Piece + Palette


The Piece + Palette Philosophy



One great piece doesn’t make a room.  When designing a room, take inventory of anything that you would like to incorporate into the design that you already own.  Maybe it’s an antique side table gifted to you by your beloved Great-Grandmother.  It could be a piece of artwork that your long time friend created just for your family. These items give your room a collected feel which is a rare and wonderful quality.  Starting with a blank slate?   Build your room starting with the essential upholstery pieces and a great area rug.  Next, add tables, lighting, and decorative items to make up the pieces of your room.  Some of these pieces can be purchased new and some can be vintage or antique items that add a timeless and curated feel to your room.  The key is to start with one great inspirational piece or fabric for your room and then add to your collection with the perfect pieces from Piece + Palette!




Designing your desired space may seem overwhelming at first.  It is essential you decide on the palette you will use throughout the room.  The inspiration for your palette may come in the form of a beautiful flower that you took a photo of in the perfect shade of green.  Maybe your inspiration is from a fantastic pillow fabric that you absolutely love.  Inspiration can come from a decorating magazine photo, on-line decorating sites or simply from just colors you are drawn to.  If you have rooms in your home that are already furnished with an existing palette, we recommend carrying through at least one of the colors so that you have a cohesive living space in different variations of existing colors.

However you find inspiration, Piece + Palette will help you bring your palette to life in the form of custom selected Benjamin Moore paint colors that are coordinated with our professionally designed rooms.


Piece + Palette = The Perfect Room

Once you have selected your palette, select the fabrics and pieces that will be incorporated into your room from the help of your designer at Piece + Palette. Add these together and it equals your perfectly decorated room!   See how math and decorating go hand in hand?



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